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Venue Selection Tips

Wedding planning is the first and one of the most difficult task on the wedding to do list, but let us help you out through our years of experience by sharing two main parts that you should look out for when scouting and selecting the ideal venue for your wedding event.

Satisfy the Palate

Food is one of the most important things that most guests look forward to and it’s also one of the most memorable part of the wedding event. While your guests may come from all walks of life, it's not impossible to satisfy their different palate with a trustworthy and experienced food and beverage supplier.

Communicate with your wedding F&B coordinator and share your expectations and guests’ dietary preferences for a menu with a good mix of contemporary and modern dishes for all.

Décor Dream VS Reality

Different venues have different requirements, it is important to check with your venue coordinator beforehand to ensure that your dream decor style can become a reality. From the height limits of the venue for your decorative structures to even lighted items like sparkler sticks or even centerpiece with candles on every table, such regulations should be checked beforehand.

In a nutshell, venue selection is an important part of the wedding planning process and it will be best to choose a trustworthy and well-established F&B supplier that is reputable to make your dream wedding come true.

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