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Tea Ceremony Preparation Checklist

Tea Ceremony Essentials

One of the most meaningful Chinese Wedding Traditions that reflects Chinese values like harmony, filial piety, courtesy, and loyalty, this is a heart-warming event not to be missed when planning your wedding day.

Setting of Time and Location

This is usually one of the more relaxed wedding segments with much lesser rush unless an auspicious timing is required to be followed closely. Traditionally, starting from the grooms’ house followed by the brides’ house, each session only takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of family and relatives involved. Or for some couples, if the space of the house or the schedule is tight, it can be done at other venues after or before the wedding solemnisation, dinner, or lunch.

Items to Prepare

It is easy to prepare for the Tea Ceremony. Simply prepare an area with ample space to hold your guests and the photography team for them to have enough space to capture all the happy memories of this segment. Additionally, prepare two main chairs or a sofa for the main seating, a tea set and a pair of cushions for kneeling.

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Wedding Tea Ceremony Etiquette 

The etiquette of wedding tea ceremony exude traditional Chinese value respect. Other than going through the ceremony by the level of seniority in the family, traditionally, the groom should be seated on the right while the bride is on the left side and the relatives or family member to be seated opposite them should be of the opposite gender.

When serving tea, the newlyweds should serve the tea with their two hands while holding the saucer with the teacups on top. After drinking the tea, the elderly should then give the gifts to the couple. The receiver of the tea should be always seated and do not need to stand up when receiving the teacups and giving the gifts to the newlyweds.


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