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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How to place order?

In order to place the order, you should have the selected package, menu and menu items. 


After which, the order will be processed and a confirmation will be send to you for acknowledgement. To confirm the order, we will require a 50% deposit via credit card 7 working days after the confirmation has been sent over via email.


Balance payment will be required to be paid in full 2 weeks before the wedding date.

How early do we have to place order?

As soon as you have the package decided you can place your order. 


Not advise to place order only a month before the wedding date as the time slots are based on first come first serve basis, hence, the preferred time slots might not be available 

In the event that my wedding is cancelled, will you be able to refund me the deposit?

Deposit is non-refundable.

Can I postpone my wedding date? If yes, how long can I postpone it for?

Yes, you can. A maximum duration of 12 months.

Do you provide takeaway boxes?

No, we do not provide takeaway boxes to encourage food to be consume within 3 hours based on NEA’s guideline.

How long can we have the buffet on site?

Buffet is best consumed within 3 hours.

Can you provide alcohol?

Orange Clove is Halal Certified, hence, we do not provide alcohol.

Can your staff assist to serve alcohol?

Yes, we can.

Are there any corkage charges?

There is no corkage charge imposed.

Any festive surcharge or restrictions should my wedding falls on a festive date?

Festive surcharge and restrictions applies for festive season. For more details do approach our sales team directly.

Will it be possible to schedule meet ups for discussion?

Definitely. We do have our very own cosy wedding showroom which is ideal for discussion, otherwise, a meetup out of office is good as well.

Additional perks for Neo Group Member?

Neo Group membership is not applicable for wedding packages.

What is included in the package?

You will be able to find the inclusions at the bottom of each type of package.

Will food tasting be included?

Food tasting will be included for Standing Buffet Packages, Sit-Down Buffet Packages, Western Sit-Down Packages and Chinese Banquet Packages.

Where will food tasting be held? Will it be delivered to my house?

Food tasting will be held at our wedding showroom, located at 1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813.

Can we taste the full menu?

Food tasting for Standing & Sit-Down Buffet Packages will only be based on 5 main dishes of the confirmed menu for a maximum of 6 person, including Bride & Groom. 


Food tasting for Western Sit-Down & Chinese Banquet will be based on the full menu. 


Western Sit-Down food tasting will be for a maximum of 6 person, including Bride & Groom.


Chinese Banquet food tasting will be for a maximum of 10 person, including Bride & Groom. 

When can we schedule a food tasting?

Food tasting is only available on Saturdays between 11am5pm, not available during Festive Period (Chinese New Year, Chinese 7th Lunar Month & Christmas).


Best to schedule food tasting no later than a month before the wedding date.


Food tasting can only be scheduled after the order has been confirmed with a 50% deposit. 

Current promotions or discounts?
Mode of payment

Via credit card/debit card and PayNow.

Can we customize our own menu?

 Yes, up to a maximum of 2 changes. Surcharge applies for exchange of dishes of different pricing.

Can we exchange dishes from other menus?

Yes, you can exchange dishes within the same package price. You can also exchange dishes from menus of different pricing but surcharge applies.

Do you provide venue décor?

Yes, we do. We will propose according to your preference after a site visit has been done.

Do you have any venue partners?

Yes, we do. Our venue partners include iFly Singapore and The Chapel @ Imaginarium etc. We also cater to venues under NParks.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Contact us.

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