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Tips to Select Wedding Table Linens and Chair Covers

Linens for your wedding tables and chairs may sound like a small deal but it definitely is important to have a well coordinated set for your dream wedding to come through.

Don’t let too much options from online and social media confuse you to select what you truly want. It would be helpful to be realistic and narrow down your options based on as few criteria as possible. Based on our experience, here are some points that you can use to filter and decide which linen you should choose for your wedding event.

Availability of Resources

A good start would be to filter down the choices from a catalog from the supplier. A tip would be to request for some photos from real life wedding events to better visualise what the linen would look like at your own wedding event.

Venue Design

Another factor that would help to decide is the interior design of the venue space. Different venues have different themes and layout like modern, minimalist, ballroom style, industrial, etc. An easy tip would be to simply match it to the colour of the flooring and walls in the venue space.

Floral Design

The hot favorite element of most wedding is flowers! Almost all couples will always include flowers in their wedding event, and even be selective about their flower choices based on the different meanings and preference. Since that is an important choice, it is definitely another benchmark to match against to make sure that the colors and theme is well coordinated.

Finally, if you're still lost, the last resort and maybe the best resort would be to seek advice from an experienced adviser through ranking the feasible options. There you have it, simply select the first and best choice as recommended by the adviser and congratulations, you're one step closer to make your dream wedding come true.

OC Weddings: Your Story Begins Here. We are always here for you at every step of your wedding planning process for catering and venue styling. Simply consult our friendly wedding specialists to get professional and trustworthy advice for a step nearer to make your dream wedding come true.

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