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Guide on Wedding Favors Selection

Not merely a token of appreciation for your guests’ attendance to your wedding event but more importantly, for the love that you and your partner have for all your beloved guests; to share all the blessings, good fortune and happiness from this joyous event. Other than selecting the Wedding Favors based on functionality and design, here are a few other points you can look consider when choosing your wedding favor.

Personal | Personalisation is a great idea to make your wedding favor, solely “Your” Wedding Favor that will help people remember your special love story when they use the wedding favor. Though it comes with a price tag, the personal touch that helps to build new and precious memories with your guests is a priceless and worthy gift.

Ideas: Personalised Chocolates, Pen with Quotes, Painting of Guests

Conscious | Gift for a cause is now a huge trend and such gift is now more appreciative by many. Not just because its’ an act of doing good but also for its’ practical function and improved design standards that have well integrated into our daily lives. It is now one of the most demanded “functional” gifts.

Ideas: Metal Straw, Travel Mug, Tupperware, Reusable Shopping Bag

Different | Be different to make your wedding favor a memorable one. From pranking gifts to humorous items, make your gifts stand out from the norm to create that precious memory and be the talk of town.

Ideas: Stress Ball, Shocking Prank Pen, Lottery Ticket

Cost Saving | While sourcing from overseas might be a cheaper alternative, there is also a risk of not getting what you expect with lesser control and communication lapse. Some wedding vendor includes wedding favors in their packages which might help to save some cost while there is still control and smooth communication.

At OC Weddings, some of our packages includes wedding favors as well. Speak to our friendly wedding specialists today to find out more about all the savings and latest promotion.

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